Friday, 28 November 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Review

Hello loves! Long time no blog, but I have been rather busy over the past few weeks. I was in my first professional production last week, of Alfie The Musical based on the novel and film starring Michael Caine. It was beyond an amazing experience and I miss it already, if you want to have a nose at production shots there are loads on my Instagram (@emilyroseperrin) and our show twitter page (@LCMAlfie).

But this little post kind of ties in with my show actually, I had to find a lipstick that would last the entirety of the 2 and a half hour production, and it had to be a vibrant nude to portray that 60s style. And it was actually our costume guy that got us this Bourjois lipstick, and since that day I've been in love, I've gone out and bought my own in the nude and also a vibrant pink and a deep red as well, and here they are.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet: Matte Finish (Happy Nude Year 09)

This was the shade that started it all, I've never worn nude lippys before, not due to any dislike of them, it just never happened! That has altogether changed now, this shade is perfect. With this one the colour isn't as pigmented as the darker shades, so you may need to re apply a tad more often than the others, but it's still so long lasting, you can eat and drink and you don't have to worry about smudging, which was always my issue and why I have been completely converted to matte finishes. This is my every day lipstick now, it never leaves my bag!

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet: Matte Finish (Olè Flamingo 05)

And this is ...slightly more vibrant! The photo really doesn't pick it up, it's so pink and fun! I haven't worn this out yet actually, but my production after party is this weekend and I reckon this lippy may make an appearance! 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet: Matte Finish (Grand Cru 08)

This is my new night time favourite, I wore this to the opening night of our sister production Just So and I went for a curry and had a (fair) few drinks and this lipstick literally did not budge. That is not even an exaggeration, it stayed exactly as it looks in the picture, and there were so many compliments on this colour, so that's always a plus!

My verdict on this is a 10 all round, I have nothing negative to say about this. I want every single colour and I'm begging they bring out a dark purple! If there is one and I've missed it please let me know, I feel like not having this lipstick in dark purple is an ailment.

Monday, 10 November 2014

My Go To Hairstyles

Hi guys, thought I'd do a little post on my currently go to hairstyles, these are things that literally only take a couple of minutes to do and makes your hair look a little more interesting, so if you're running late for school or work, these are simple hairstyles to do.

Top Left: A simple half up half down look, take a small section from the top of your hair, brush through it and pop it up in a bobble, pop a few grips in to secure any strays and you're done!

Top Right: A split bun, pop your hair in a ponytail, don't worry about being too neat then only pull your hair half the way through the bobble then split it down the middle, secure in place and take the remaining hair from the bobble and wrap it round the base of the ponytail, voila!

Bottom Left: Nice and easy scruffy ponytail, I do this when I've just washed it and not straightened it or anything as it adds some extra volume to the ponytail, so pop it up like you would, I normally flip my head upside to get in extra volume, I secure it with a few grips and pop some dry shampoo in the pony to add even volume to it, all done!

Bottom Right: Side-parted half updo, this is good on straightened or styled curled hair, I simply take the top part of my hair, give it a brush through, twist the end a bit and pop a large butterfly clip of your choice in the top, I got mine from Claire's many years back, and pop some grips in if there are any strays, and there you have it!

Some simple hairstyles that are the easiest thing to do and still look lovely, without much effort at all! Hope you enjoy and let me know your go to hairstyles!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Halloween 2014

Hey guys! I hope you all had a great Halloween like I did, as you can probably tell by the photos above. I did a post on this look earlier on in the month, when I was trialling the look, but as you can see I went even further with the gore and zombie-ness, as it were.

You guys asked me to do a post to show you the finished look, I got great feedback from lots of party goers and fellow Halloween lovers! In comparison to the last look, I added some boil type wounds, made with tissue paper and liquid latex, I also continued the bone definition throughout my body, anything that was exposed was defined, so my ribs through the peek in my vest, my hands and my arms as well.

I love this time of year, it definitely brings out my creative side, as much as I'd love to do this every day of the year it's maybe not as appropriate in May or something, but at least there's a holiday I can express this side of me! 

I hope you guys like the look, and if you guys did any Halloween outfit posts please link me! I love checking out everyone's interpretations, and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.